Saturday, January 5, 2008

SOMA In Tacoma

10 Session DEEP TISSUE Bodywork
8404 27th Street West
(1/2 mile off Bridgeport, Heading West)
University Place, WA 98466
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SOMA is deep tissue bodywork which creates lasting change in the body's ability to stand more upright. To accomplish this, SOMA uses a series of 10 unique sessions, each building on the one before. By correcting misalignment of the structure through release of deeply held tension in the muscles, it prevents or gets to the root of many discomforts of the body. For this reason, SOMA is considered a root cause work. It may also be viewed as a preventative therapy to reduce the impact of gravity as we age. SOMA is appropriate for ages 8-80.


SOMA creates physical changes in muscle tissue through manipulation of the fascia (connective tissue covering muscles that defines their shape). Over time, this fascia - as the result of age, injury, or stress - tends to "glue" together, preventing muscles from moving freely and independently. This muscle restriction can result in pain, poor posture, and a general lack of vitality. Through SOMA, these blocks or restrictions are removed and new, more comfortable options for movement are possible. SOMA can produce lasting, continuing change as awareness increases.
Each of the 10 sessions typically lasts 1.5 - 2 hours. SOMA practitioners have a standard massage table and use fingers, palms, knuckles, and elbows to work deeply into muscles and joints to release stress. SOMA was founded on the principle that deep effective work could be accomplished while approaching the body in a sensitive manner, coaxing, not forcing, chronic strain out of the tissue. Some people report that
it "hurts good." Above all, SOMA practitioners are
trained to work with, not on their clients.

While each person has his or her individual response to the sessions, almost everyone feels better in profound and significant ways. Through the 10 sessions, as the body becomes more aligned, most people will experience more stability, flexibility, grace, and energy. Many chronic aches and pains tend to diminish if not disappear. As the body feels more comfortable, there is a corresponding quiet in the mind along with greater self-reliance and more confidence.
"WOW, a transformative experience. The power of SOMA to bring true change to one's life and awareness of the body has been a lasting gift. A curried blend of original technique that may remind one of Thai or Swedish massage, Reiki, or Rolfing. I am going through my 3rd series of 10 sessions now, over the course of 8 years."
~A.V., House Painter

"No one can ever describe the joy and feeling of wellness that comes from once again walking straight, tall, and breathing deeply. I have noticed an improved flexibility."
~J.C., Yoga Teacher

"SOMA got deep into areas no one was ever able to release in my before,

with my heavy-duty headaches."
~ S.O., Nurse Practitioner/Homeopath

"I went from having pain in my body 99% of the time--due to scoliosis--to about 4% of the time after going through the SOMA work.

The absence of pain has given me loads of new energy."
~J.B., Fashion Designer

"I move more effortlessly, I am more flexible and pains with which I have lived for years are gone...I take it for granted now that this is the way I should experience life."
~M.C., Attorney

"SOMA has been an enlightening experience for me....many benefits...a new awareness of my body, the ability to relax tension at will and a straighter, more confident posture. I find myself experiencing a sort of inner calm."
~A.A., College Student

Postural and cosmetic changes often occur
in the first sessions of SOMA Bodywork.
The result is a more erect stance which uses less effort,
allowing for greater efficiency and ease of movement.

WA # MA00012279
Sara Campbell, a licensed massage practitioner, has benefited greatly from the SOMA Bodywork after several auto accidents left her with whiplash injuries and chronic aches and pains. She creates a nurturing and compassionate space for clients who desire relief from chronic paint and/or more ease, grace, and peace in their lives. She believes that SOMA works to benefit anyone who is interested in a preventative approach to living a long and vital life.